5 Communication Network Trends Driven by the Grid Transformation

Utilities and their business models are evolving in response to pressures such as integrating more renewables, restoring service faster after weather events, or satisfying the growing customer expectation. As a result, the physical assets of the energy industry continue to become increasingly information-connected to enable automation, microgrids, renewable energy, smarter grids, and smarter cities, in an environment of increased cybersecurity threats.

Considering this, Silver Spring Networks commissioned Zpryme to conduct a research study, this summer, to understand the emerging relationship between distribution grid infrastructure and communication networks. The research highlighted top five findings from 350 utilities globally:

  1. Communication networks must change to enable the next-generation distribution grid.
  2. Fiber optic and RF mesh lead the future of layered communication networks.
  3. Utilities will use RF mesh to address a variety of use cases for field area networks (FAN).
  4. Reliability remains a top priority for communications networks.
  5. Cybersecurity is the most significant concern with legacy communication networks.

For a complete look at the communication network trends that are shaping the next-generation grid, download the white paper now.

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